Marion's Poem is a poem about a snake that is cursed to chase its own tail. The poem was written by Marion Woods and appears to contain many metaphors about the Army of the 12 Monkeys and time travel. At some point, the poem was tucked into a copy of The Wizard of Oz. It was discovered there by James and Matthew Cole in 2015.

Text Edit

There once was a serpent who only traveled in one direction. Always forward, never backward.

Until one day, the serpent came upon a Demon.

The Demon cursed the serpent, driving him insane, causing him to eat his own tail.

Those who could not see the serpent, but knew to follow him, were lost.

But a few, those who were seers, knew the serpent's true path, so they created a weapon. A weapon to destroy the Demon.

They hid the weapon in the snake's den, where he waited for his madness to end.

But it never did. For the seers discovered that the only one who could wield the weapon was the Demon itself.

And so the serpent was doomed to wait in madness...forever.

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